A new world of steel

We owe our prosperity to a large extend to technical innovation. The world would not be able to function without the techniques that provide our life standards. Efficient mechanical instructions form the centre for technical solutions in utility, retail and industry. Even in the most essential processes, like cleaning waste water en power generation, technology systematically provides solutions. 

Because of upscaling, in combination with increasing energy- and raw material prices and tight regulations, installations will become more advanced in the near future. A decrease in energy consumption should cause even better performances. Achieving this high level of efficiency demands the utmost technical skill. These challenges inspire us to preform at the highest level. 

For many years Hollandia Systems has been fabricating the best quality systems for industrial companies, powerstations and water purification plants. Innovations in mechanical construction are mainly focused on efficient energy savings. We do this integral, in combination with electro techniques and IT. 

Continuous investments in the development of our people, technology and production facilities results in a growth in knowledge and experience, so we can provide durable solutions for tomorrow’s challenges.  Our advanced production facilities and skilled personnel enable us to produce and co-construct in-house. 
Complex projects a feasible in a very short period of time. 

It is our ambition to be the preferred supplier for our clients and end-users. We do this through a constant level of service in quality, trust and competitive price/quality ratio. To guarantee the quality of our quote trough realization we design, calculate, draw and produce every step in line with the regulations such as ASME, DNV OS-F101,PED, PD 5500. Where required under the supervision of various inspection bodies. In addition all our products are produced under our own strict quality control management. 

Because we are familiar with the clients specifications and standards of Shell, Saudi Aramco, Exxon and BP, we provide many systems for the offshore, chemical and process industries. Because of our vast experience with complex procurement requirements and contracts, many water- and boards,  drink water companies and municipalities make use of our services.

High performance equipment

The manufacture of pressure vessels, tanks and burners requires a specialism that is carried out by our skilled personnel. Hollandia Systems holds longterm relations with clients and suppliers in this line of business. This allows the company to guarantee a high degree of quality and efficiency.


For our projects in the construction of equipment and mechanical installations it is crucial to design and manufacture various types of piping works for liquids and gasses. Hollandia Systems has the capacity, besides simple piping systems, to produce more complex piping systems under high standards.
All possible channels and systems for the extraction and supply of gaseous substances are designed and made to measure by Hollandia Systems. Again the demands for quality and skills are high, which allows for all forms to be realized.


Besides the referred activities Hollandia Systems also offers specials. Special projects that require a combination of different disciplines that we posses in-house. Some examples are: rooftops for the bus stops of Zuidtangent (Haarlem-Schiphol), a rooftop for Station Blaak Station (Rotterdam), a white artwork in the Alexandrium shopping mall(Rotterdam) and the authentic weir trap at Lith.

Mechanical engineering

Hollandia Systems designs and manufactures complete stand-alone installations, sometimes mounted on skid, for the purpose of other offshore-, chemical- and process industry. Whether it is a small unit or an entire factory, our specialist team ensures a quality product that meets the highest requirements. Hollandia Systems specializes in welding works that meet the highest quality requirements. All kinds of materials, both carbon steel and stainless steel, is processed by us. Naturally, all stainless steel is processed in a specially designed production-hall.